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Ecotrol Multi-point Dual System – 20 inch, 5 micron, 110 lpm


The Puretec EM2-110 system is the appropriate choice for providing safe, clean and healthy water throughout the house or building. Providing maximum filtration with minimal flow restriction, these systems provide peace of mind throughout the house, office, protecting appliances from sediment and sludge build-up and extending the service life of ceramic disc tapware.

Enjoy purified water at every outlet in the house or building.

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-New & Improved Integrated rust-proof, anti-flex aluminium wall mount bracket?.
-Reduce taste, odours and chemicals.
-Able to operate on gravity feed pressure.
-Designed specifically for rainwater.
-Can also be used on mains, rivers, dams and bore water.
-Peace of mind with whole house filtration.
-Heavy-duty housings for reliable whole-house protection.
-Low maintenance, no moving parts, no chemicals.
-Dual stage filtration for longer filter life.
-Washable sediment cartridge that removes dirt, rust and algae in the water.
-No power required.
-Filter cartridges included.
-Suitable for UV system pre-filtration.
-Easy to install.
-10 Year Warranty^.