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Grundfos SCALA1 5-55 Water Boosting Pump

The Grundfos SCALA1 is a self-priming, multistage pump, that incorporates all the components of a pressure booster
into a compact composite enclosure.
As it is self-priming, the SCALA1 can pump water from a level below the pump.
Provided it is filled with water, the pump can lift water from a depth of 8 m in less than 5 minutes.
This facilitates easy installation and start-up of the pump and provides more reliable water supply in installations
where there is a risk of dry running and leakages in suction hose or pipes.
SCALA1 can communicate with Grundfos GO app via built in Bluetooth, which enables detailed pump monitoring and
high customization options, making this pump a good fit for every application.
SCALA1 incorporates advanced protection features such as:
– Dry running protection that will automatically stop the pump in case of water shortage
– Cycling protection which will prevent pump starting frequently in case of minor leakages in installation
– Max runtime protection can stop the pump after a desired period of continuous operation, preventing potential
damage due flooding in case of pipe breakages.
The pump has a built-in motor protection that will stop the pump if exposed to excessive temperature due to high
ambient temperature, in case of seizure or overload, thus preventing a motor burnout.
With Grundfos GO you can easily setup SCALA1 as a Twin booster system, operating as duty/stand by as well as
duty/assist. It is also possible to add external input control and schedule a pump operation via calendar function.
SCALA1 require no maintenance, but it is recommended to keep the pump clean, check the non-return valves and
keep the ventilation holes free of dust.